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About Us

We met while Cathy was still in high school. We worked together her senior year. We both were raised in the same town and graduated from DeLand High School. We live in Lake Helen, Florida. We have enjoyed raising our family in our small town. We wouldn't have had it any other way.

Our love for Pomeranians goes back many years. Our first Pom was adopted in 1995 but it was several years later before we would decide to get into showing and breeding. Cathy studied Animal Science and worked with a couple vets as well as shelters before her life took a completely different path. We decided we wanted to breed quality Pomeranians that fell within the breed standard and had the wonderful character we love so much in the ones we owned. We believe dogs should only be purposely bred with the intent to preserve the breed. Two dogs should never be put together just to have puppies. Breeding and showing is something we both love and could do as a family. It was a rough road trying to find the quality we desired for our breeding program. Once we established the quality we were looking for, that of course led to showing. We are so thankful for the friends we have met along the way that have taken the time to work with us and have taught us so much.

Each and every puppy receives a special love and attention in our home with the family. We strive for Poms that fall within the standard that the American Pomeranian Club has set for the breed along with great dispositions.

A lot of research and thought goes into each breeding. Not all of the Poms pictured on this site are part of our breeding program. 

We have spent the last 15 years working with our all breed club, West Volusia Kennel Club. We have served as Conformation instructors, Show Chair, New Exhibitor Mentors, Canine Ambassadors and every office position. Cathy still remains the AKC Delegate. We are always willing to help with rescue and help educate people on being a responsible dog owner and/or breeder. Owning and/or breeding is not something anyone should enter into without knowing what kind of a commitment it really takes. We used to handle for others as well as do a lot of grooming. We no longer do any handling for others due to the conflict of being AKC Judges. 

We have a heart for mentoring and have enjoyed the opportunities that have been presented to us. We enjoy working with Junior Handlers and you will typically find juniors with us as we travel to different shows. The biggest reward is seeing them grow up into great young adults and accomplishing the goals they set for themselves. You can see more about this on our mentoring page.

We love spending time with our family and friends. Our church and faith in God represent a very important part of our lives.

Our Family

Our two daughters are now adults with families of their own. Our oldest daughter, Tori, lives in North Carolina with her husband, Kyle, their son Hunter and daughter, Harper. Tori has her own business, Harper Lynn Bowtique as well as being a pharmacy tech. Ashlee, our youngest daughter, lives in North Carolina with her husband, Andrew. They have two sons, Thrasher and Xander, and two daughters, Nora and Kennedy. Ashlee is a Registered Nurse (BSN) in Labor and Delivery. 

Contact Us

Lake Helen, Florida

Mark: 386-473-6851

Cathy: 386-846-7175

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