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 Education is the key to improvement. You can't improve your breed without educating yourself first. You can't improve what people think about breeders and what your community knows and does as far as responsible dog ownership without education. We encourage you to get involved in your local dog clubs and your community. Educate them and make a difference.


Pictured below is Sunny working the education booth at the Volusia Mall in Daytona Beach.

Before you decide if a Pomeranian is the perfect dog for you, please make sure you are well educated. Here are some educational resources for your use.

History of the Pomeranian

Breed Standard

Pomeranian Structure

Pomeranian Movement

Pomeranian Puppy Uglies

Most people purchase their Pomeranian puppy around the age of 9 weeks when they have a beautiful thick coat and then after a few weeks, they wonder if they really purchased a purebred Pomeranian or if they have been had! they sometimes think the Pom they bought has something wrong with it since it is losing all of its coat!

This is absolutely normal. Usually around 4 months of age, althought it can be as late as 8 months, Pomeranians go through a stage of what some call the "puppy uglies" where they shed their coat. They look awkward during this stage; however, it is important for the health of the skin and coat that they go through this intense shed. 

As the coat comes back in, it is a very soft, fluffy coat (undercoat) and then eventually, they will have a beautiful coat that most of the time looks better than what they had in the beginning!

Below are pictures of Cody at different ages to show the different stages Pomeranians go through.

Cody at 2 weeks

Cody at 6 weeks


Cody at 9 weeks

Cody at 17 weeks


Cody at 24 weeks

Cody at 11 months

Cody at 2 Years Old


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